Our products

Netrix Portal Engine CMS – Integrated Editorial System

Our integrated editorial solution offers optimal display on all platforms, and a robust, central content management system for online media projects. Our software has been designed and continuously enhanced bymaking use of our portal development experience gained over 10 years, and by the utilization of best practice in online communication processes.


Mobile applications

Creative solution design, native and mobile web development for all platforms.


Netrix Mobile Media tools

It is a ready-to-use application framework for the implementation of the most characteristic mobile and mobile web functions that are customizable and brandable. In addition, the system offers a modular and structured foundation for future development. The framework, the experience, and know-how we can pass on have the benefit that provides support for a brand to be displayed in the right way, quickly and cost-efficiently on mobile platforms.

Video streaming

Our Netrix media streaming service is based on leading-edge segmented streaming technology. What we offer is uniform, high quality options for video library management, and for online live streaming on computers or smart phones in a number of portals simultaneously. We provide admin options, flexible, and quick video posting options for editors, and device-independent, instant viewing for users. Video streaming is platform-independent, so it offersinstant broadcast on all client operating systems (Windows, MacOS, iPad, iPhone, Android) adapted to available bandwidth.