The greatest technological challenges online media industry faces include the organization of producing and distributing contents, the day-to-day integration of new technologies, devices and viewer platforms, and monitoring changes in user habits and needs. To do so, we offer a ready-to-use media portal application that can be customized and expanded with functions.

Our system is a new generation, robust content management solution that includes easy-to-use and flexibly adaptable editing software, and all related portal building and project management processes, know-how and product support.

What are the benefits?

  • Modular system
    The system has a modular structure so there is no need to develop additional services individually, these can be added from our module library to the website quickly and cost-efficiently.
  • Scalability
    The system can be introduced at reasonable costs even in smaller portals, and then expanded with additions to the same software that can run on different complex server architecture.A system which is scalable can be expanded easily, and at low costs.
  • User-friendly interface
    The program includes a publisher, a layout editor (visual editor), an image editor, and a frontpage editor. Their use only requires user level computer skills, so any page of the portal can be modified or rearranged with ease. Editors do not have to buy and use any additional software.
  • Robot pilot editing
    To edit portal pages, complex automatisms and logics can be built that enable the system to display or remix contents. Editors always have the option to intervene with automatisms, and make manual modifications in order to „fix“ necessary items on the site, while routing contents in other areas remains logic-based.
  • Load optimization
    Intelligent load optimization can significantly contribute to saving server capacity and server resources. As a result, portals can handle millions of daily downloads without any trouble. The software is optimized for operating on multiple frontend and backend servers, as well as on memory servers.
  • Web admin (SSL)
    All work processes in the system can be executed via web. With the help of a browser, not only users but editors and webmasters as well can securely access the system anytime and anywhere.
  • Managing multiple portals
    Portal families, subpages or pages with completely different display features can be managed in one system. A large number of editors or several editorial offices can have access with separate and distinct authorization.
  • Support for search engine optimization (SEO)
    The system includes all essential technical solution for SEO, and actively supports content optimization on the work process level. E.g. descriptive URL, management of SEO metadata by editors, frontend elements built in a semantic approach.
  • Pre-editing
    Display logics and page structures are easy to change anytime, even sets of display features can be composed and „pre-stored“. For instance with the use of highlight features (breaking news) a page can be completely transformed with a click. In the same way, pages can be pre-edited prior to forthcoming public holidays, and activated automatically.
  • Authorization system
    Particular components and work processes can be individually delegated to users or can be protected against unauthorized access. The execution of various work stages can be separated as needed – a complete authorization system can be developed.
  • Import/export functions
    Integration with other portals, databases, corporate management systems or external software can be easily done with the help of standard data link interfaces in the system.

Our evidence

The benefits of the software and the portal building work process have been proven in a number of projects. Our customers receive a tested and well-functioning system, and experience-based technical support. For further details please take a look at our references.