Our project management and development methods

The web market, and especially portals as the „showcase“ applications of e-market are characterized by ongoing evolution and transformation. The long-term development of such systems require team work, partnership, and a flexible approach from developers. The essence of our project management method is keeping ongoing, iterative track of changes in customer needs, and utilizing feedback flexibly in the stages of planning and implementation. From the very start, work is conducted with the involvement of and in partnership with customers. What we can bring in is project management tools, procedures, and an established technological framework. The success of various project phases is evaluated (internal test, external test, usability test, project success), and both the project and the collaboration are continuously developedin the light of the feedback we receive.

All developments we have completed will undergo internal functional testing with the use of Rapid Testing methodology. The tests are done by trained testers, and documented for developers. Testing involves checking the implementation of specifications, and running user test cases in great numbers and on different platforms (workflow test, usability test). Unspecified cases, loose ends, and points for optimization are identified and managed as a result of testing.

Software development engineering is regulated by strict internal standards that prescribe, for instance, code documentation, wiki use, descriptions or uniform programming style and conventions, etc. Adherence to standards is reviewed with the assistance of dedicated quality assurance specialists. (Code review)