Software support

Support for the portal software includes regular consultation for editors and webmaster, continuous availability, assistance, and problem solutions. We provide training and guidance for editors prior to the test period, andour support services are delivered free of charge for 2 months after the test and the launch of the site. After this period, we are available as needed.

Version control

Independent of customization or modules, our software is enhanced from time to time in order to keep abreast with general technological advancements, and utilize accumulated knowledge and experience on all the sites operated by Netrix. Version control ensures that enhancements are included in the program automatically, and free of charge.

Technological operation, hosting, and system control

These involve the control of the server park necessary for operating the portal and the control of the running of the program. This service guarantees 99.9% availability for the site.

Further development and maintenance

This service involves maintenance/further development type jobs in programming, web development, graphic design, etc. after the start-up of the system. These jobs are done on an hourly or project based fee structure. The right communication and the use of agile methods are indispensable to coordinated, ongoing partnership work.

Helpdesk/technical assistance

This service was designed so that editorial offices do not have to deal with technical problems that users (site visitors) experience. We answer incoming visitors‘ queries, solve technical tasks and requests, and automatically correct occasional program errors discovered by visitors.