Netrix Media Streaming and video library

Our Netrix Media streaming service is based on leading edge segmented streaming technology. What we offer is uniform, high quality options for video library management, and for online live streaming on computers or smart phones in a number of portals simultaneously.

We provide admin options, flexible, and quick video posting options for editors, and device-independent, instant viewing for users. Video streaming is platform-independent, so it offers instant broadcast on all client operating systems (Windows, MacOS, iPad, iPhone, Android) adapted to available bandwidth. Video is delivered in Flash (flv) and HTML5 (h.264, HLS) formats to ensure the most up-to-date viewing options for all users.

Our Netrix Media streaming service includes the storage of audio and video materials, provision of dedicated stream servers and software for streaming, placement of hardware devices, provision of players to be embedded in portals, and the use of admin interface.

The central video library ensures that companies that operate several portals can manage videos in a uniform and simple way. In addition to the upload of video materials, the library provides automatic conversion into the most common video formats and optimization for streaming over the internet. Detailed metadata can be managed in the admin interface, which provides assistance to editors in searching and organizing audio and video files stored in the library.

Bandwidth and quality

Uploaded videos are automatically converted into multiple format versions optimized for different player devices, platforms, and bandwidth by Netrix’s encoder server. The coding of videos is quality-based to ensure highest play quality at all times with bandwidth barriers taken into consideration.

Admin interface

Detailed metadata can be recorded for all video materials. A database of video archives is built in this way, where admin search functions can be used. Latest videos can be tracked in the admin dashboard view.


The video server stores statistical indicators related to videos played. These reports can be viewed and analyzed in the administration interface.

Player skins

The graphic appearance of players embedded in the portals can be redesigned, so that multiple skins can be created at the same time. This allows for adjustment to the graphics of different portals or to the visual design of events/sponsorships.


We recommend the use of dedicated stream servers in order to ensure flawless and high-quality video library use and broadcast. Our segmented stream servers have been built, and are operated with this aim. They can be managed separately from the portal web server, and are scalable as needed with increasing visitor numbers.

Service fees

Our media server is available as a continuous service. Therefore no costs incur for one-off development. Service fees depend on the number of viewers to be reached, and requirements for necessary performance and bandwidth. Please ask for a presentation and a quote.