Wordpress development

Netrix specializes in high-performance CMS systems and complex portals. However, we have also developed specific competence in providing efficient support to smaller-scale, lightweight projects by utilizing the basic features of the open source code that WordPress CMS software provides. We are pleased to offer this technology if the complexity of a website does not exceed the publishing needs of a couple of editors, or an open source, standard solution is required. We have kept track of enhancements and innovations and used Wordpress CMS system for the past few years. Its introduction, customization, and the development of modules have become daily routine for us.

The planning, project management, and quality assurance methodology we have developed over the past 10 years is applied in these projects too. The functional planning of a system is done by expert consultants, while project sprints are thoroughly reviewed by the project manager in collaboration with the tester and code review teams. Our open source code solution offers perfect quality, and precise implementation in terms of timelines.